At Moss Hall we...

  • ensure progression of skills through opportunities for practical work from EYFS to Year 6
  • promote creativity and experimentation in art
  • recognise that art is a means of expression linking religion and culture

At Moss Hall, our art curriculum is designed to encourage expression, creativity and an interest in art, while allowing children to be original and to develop their own unique style. Our aim is to introduce children to, and explore the roles and purposes of, artists and craftspeople from different time periods and cultures. 

Children will think critically and express their feelings about works, artists, styles and movements, and will recognise art as a creative way to express their ideas and emotions. We will equip children with the vocabulary and skills to actively plan, research, design, rework and reflect through the use of sketchbooks with the aim of inspiring the next generation of artists, designers and architects. 

Each academic year, our children will complete a unit in drawing, painting and sculpture, building on their learning from previous years. At the heart of each topic is the child’s sketchbook, which serves as a hub for their creative thinking. Here, they will plan, experiment, annotate, communicate ideas and be reflective. Each unit includes a primary artist study and discussion around artists from the same movement, who support children's creativity in their final pieces.

When it is finally time to leave us, we intend to send our children off into the wider world with a passion for art, creativity and expression. They will understand the value and importance of the creative industries and will be inspired by the cultural capital they have gained.


At Moss Hall we...

  • celebrate and explore the roles of artists from a range of time periods, movements, cultures and backgrounds
  • are able to compare works/artists from different movements and plot these on a timeline
  • can talk openly about our opinions and feelings about the work of specific artists





At Moss Hall we...

  • explore the specific skills involved in creating sculpture, drawings, paintings
  • develop practical skills through research, planning, experimentation, adaptation and evaluation





At Moss Hall we…

  • are self-reflective and continuously assess our own work and skills throughout a topic
  • seek to make progress after self-assessment, through investigation, experimentation and adaptation