Reception and Year 3 Admissions

Information for New Reception Parents & Carers - September 2024 Admission

Reception 2024 - If your child is born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020- they are due to start Reception class in September 2024.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and you will naturally wish to find out as much information as possible.  Our Head of Schools or Executive Head shows parents of prospective Reception children around our schools during our tours because we want to you to get a flavour not only of our wonderful Early Years and Key Stage 1, but a sense of our vision for our children across the federation and all that this has to offer. 

Reception  tours; including a presentation from school leaders and a chance to meet pupils from both schools, visit our Early years classes and see the standards of learning and care on offer here at Moss Hall.

To register for a Reception 2025 tour, please call either school office in our federation and our staff will book you in.

Ms Khushali Depala in the Infant Office on: 0208 445 9735  or Ms Michelle Scantlebury in the Junior office on: 0208 445 7965 

Infant school tour dates and times will be added here in the summer term 2024:



Once you are ready to apply, applications to Reception class are made online via the Local Authority admissions portal. 

Before you begin your application, please download the booklet ‘A Guide to Primary Education in Barnet’ from  The guide will give you all the information you need to know about the application process.  You should pay particular attention to the admissions criteria for each school, as these are the rules that will be used to decide how places will be allocated.  If you want to apply for a school in another borough, you will need to look at the relevant Local Authority’s website for details of the school’s admissions criteria. 

You must submit one application to your home Local Authority and list each preferred school on the single application form, whether the school is within or outside your home borough. If you live in London, the application must be made online at If you live in Hertfordshire, or another borough outside London, please check your Local Authority’s website for information on how to apply.

An application must be submitted for your child even if s/he has an older brother or sister already attending your preferred school or a school nursery.  Parents should also be aware that children attending the nursery class are not given a higher priority for a place at the school than other children.

You must apply no later than 15 January 2024.  If you miss this deadline, your application will be considered after school places have first been allocated to applicants who applied by the closing date and you may not receive an offer on National Offer Day, 16 April 2024.  In previous years, the high demand for places meant that some children were not offered places at their sibling’s school because their applications were late and there were no places left.  It is, therefore, very important that you submit your application on time. 

Further information about the application process is available via this link:  Barnet School Admissions 2024 -Reception Class

In Year Admissions

Children are also admitted at other times during the year, depending on the availability of places and according to the London Borough of Barnet’s admissions policy. (See the publication “A Guide to Primary Education in Barnet” or the Barnet website for full details).

Local authorities coordinate applications from their residents for places at all maintained primary and secondary schools and academies, including schools outside the home authority. This means that you will complete one Common Application Form (CAF) provided by the council in which you live.
·         If you live in Barnet you should complete the In-year admissions CAF found at this link below.
·         If you live outside Barnet, you must obtain an application form from the council where you live, even if you intend to apply for Barnet schools.
If a place does become available for your child, the Local Authority Admissions Department will contact you. Once a child has been offered a place and the place has been accepted, the school will contact you to confirm the induction process. All children start mornings only and will extend the day to full time once they have settled in. If you have any further questions please contact the school office, or contact the admissions department at London Borough of Barnet: Telephone - 020 8359 7651.

Admission / Transfer to Year 3 (Junior School) 2024 

We are keen to invite our existing Year 2 pupils and pupils from other schools to join the Junior school in September 2024.  The leadership team will shortly be organising tours of the Junior school in October and November 2024; dates will be released here and communicated to Year 2 families at Moss Hall Infant School. 

Although almost all children will transfer from an infant school to the linked junior school, a formal admission process is required, and an application form must be submitted.  If you do not apply, your child may not have a Year Three place in September 2024.

To apply for a junior school place for your child, you must submit one application to your home local authority.  We anticipate that most of you will only want to apply for a place at your child’s linked junior school and you will be given infant to junior transfer priority. However, you can also include other junior schools in your application, either within or outside your home borough.  If you live in London, applications must be submitted online at If you live in Hertfordshire or another borough outside London, please check your Local Authority’s website for information on how to apply.

Barnet applicants may apply for up to three junior schools.  Faith schools will require you to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF), in addition to the online application, if you wish to request priority on the grounds of faith.

For further information, please refer to the booklet ‘A Guide to Primary Education in Barnet 2024’, which you can view or download at, and to the booklets published by other councils.

The Junior Transfer application process only relates to children transferring from an infant school to a linked or separate junior school.  There are six junior schools in Barnet of which Moss Hall Juniors is one. 

You must submit your junior school application by 15 January 2024.  The result of your application will be sent to you on 16 April 2024. 

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Use the link below to find out about our school's admission and appeals arrangements: 

Barnet School Admissions Website