Adult learning including Parenting Classes

Family Links 10 Week Parenting Course

We are very proud to be able to offer to our parents across the Moss Hall Federation the chance to attend the acclaimed ‘Family Links - 10 week parenting course’. Next year will be the 9th year that we have delivered the course through our two certified trainers Mrs Nash & Mr Games. If you are interested in attending the course, please read on to find out more about what the course entails and what you may get out of it.

Conversation Classes for Adults

This year we have invited parents and carers who would like to improve their English speaking skills to school each Monday for 90 minutes, to work with Melanie Bruck. Melanie is a qualified Adult English teacher, who encourages her students to develop their speaking skills and build knowledge and confidence in doing so. These parents have worked so hard and we are really proud of them. They have made a very supportive friendship group too and learnt a lot about schools, how to access activities for their children and as well as having fun together.

If you know anyone who would like to take part next year or if you yourself would, we will be advertising the classes again in September. THEY ARE FREE to our parents and carers. There will be a taster & information session on Monday 18th September at 9.00 in the Infant school hall. Current participants are all welcome to come back, even if your child is moving on to Secondary school.

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