School Clubs

Dear Families, 

I am writing to you with the details of our Before and After School Clubs offer for autumn term 2021.

We have taken feedback from parents, via the class parent reps and from individuals and by talking to some of the children to find out what clubs are popular and what else they would like to do.    We are very pleased to be offering this programme and look forward to strong participation from children.  As we gather confidence and assess take up over the autumn term, the offer will be developed as explained below.

Through our offer we have aimed to:

-        Return many of the most popular clubs and providers

-        Align pick up times to minimize confusion about club ending times

-        Align the offer over the same number of weeks – again to minimise confusion

-        Offer a broad starting range of clubs that we can review and evaluate as we develop the offer.

Over 21-22 we will

-        Develop the system of booking and payment to make it accessible for all families.

-        Review and develop the range of clubs and price points for activity

-        Review the cost to families of each clubs

-        Take feedback via users and our Parent Reps each term.

-        Develop more cross schools clubs

Junior School Clubs

Infant School Clubs