Ethos & Values

The Moss Hall Way 

Learning together, making a difference

Our aim at Moss Hall Schools Federation is for every child to thrive. We strive to create the conditions for every child to learn together, with and from each other, for staff to flourish and for our community to be inclusive.  Our impact will be that children are equipped to hold a point of view and are able to make a positive contribution to our community in a local, national and global manner and are prepared fully for their next phase of education.

Our aim for every child, is to

  • Be kind

  • Work hard

  • Make a difference

We value and encourage a thirst for knowledge, meta-cognition and collaboration. We are building our curriculum around rich and diverse literature.

Our aims and values underpin our priorities for 2020-2024 which are: 

  • To develop an ambitious curriculum

  • To develop a coherent and research driven teaching and learning philosophy (pedagogy)

  • To develop and retain our staff through high quality professional development including leadership development

  • To continue to raise standards for all children

  • To improve and establish excellent communication systems

  • That all children are seen, known and safe