PE and Sports Premium Grant

The intent for PE and Sport at Moss Hall is to enable all pupils leaving our primary school to be physically literate, with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and a lifelong love and participation in physical activity and sport. Our expectations are that we would see the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity and that PE and sport are used across the school as a tool for wider whole school improvement, including cross-curricular skills such as problem-solving and confidence in the ability to analyse performance critically.

Pupils will leave Moss Hall with increased confidence, knowledge and skills in PE and sport, having had a broad experience of a wide range of sports and physical activities, both as part of the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities. We believe this will lead to increased participation in competitive sport and enable all pupils to develop a good understanding of the rules and tactics of a variety of sports and to develop wider skills such as teamwork, resilience, the importance of reflection and to embed the values of fairness and respect.

Moss Hall Infants 2023-24  Moss Hall Juniors 2023-24