Our School Dog Zuki

Zuki is an Australian Labradoodle who belongs to Ms Vierthaler.  She has come to school every day since she was very small and is now fully trained and ready to interact with children.   

Children can benefit educationally and emotionally, increase their understanding of responsibility and develop empathy and nurturing skills, through contact with a suitable, calm dog. In addition to these benefits, children take great enjoyment from interaction with animals. By having a school dog we want to encourage those children who are vulnerable, or those less confident at reading to have a friendly audience and look forward to reading as a treat. The breed of Australian Labradoodle has been carefully selected as suitable for this type of environment.  Her coat is low shedding and thus deemed suitable for those who may experience allergies around animals.  Zuki is very well cared for and responsibly owned by Ms Vierthaler who has trained us all in how to respond to Zuki, how to be calm around her and to all give her the same love, care and behaviour expectations.

You can read all about her in our weekly newsletters: here

Zuki loves children and the adults at school but we know not everyone likes dogs so parents can opt out if they do not want their children to interact with Zuki.   You will have a School Ping message with a link that enables you to do this 

The school's risk assessment and dog policy is here: MHSF Dog Policy and Risk Assessment