School Timings and Term Dates

Daily School Timings 23-24 

Moss Hall Infants


The school gates are open from 8.50-9.01am.

The children are expected to be at school and make their way to the classrooms between 8.50 – 9.00am. 

We have allowed an extra 5 minutes for children who arrive ‘on the dot’ or just after 9.00am to give them a few minutes to get through the school and to class by 9.05am. 

Children should be in class to answer the register at 9.00am.

We close the gate at 9.01am, again to give those children rushing through the gate at the last minute a change to get into class via the main entrance, rather than sign in at the reception desk late.  


School gates open at 3.10 pm

Children are released from class at 3.15pm

School is open to children for 32hrs 05mins / week

School Timings from September 2023:  The length of the Infant school day is increasing by 5 minutes per day.  Start and finish times are 8.50am to 3.20pm.   A letter will shortly be uploaded in our letters area to explain the changes and also some small changes to drop of and collection locations. 


Y3-6 children can join families at the Moss Hall Grove entrance -  it is quicker and safer to walk around to the Junior playground to collect any KS2 children as they are released from 3.20pm rather than wait for the "shuttle".  

Moss Hall Juniors


School gates open at 8.40am (parents wait until 8.45am)

Bell rings at 8.45am.  Children walk to class unaccompanied

Register is 8.50 - 8.55am IN CLASS.  If children are not in class at this time they will be marked late.  Being in the building or on the premises at this time does not mean they have been registered.

Children are late from 8.56 - 9.15 when the register is closed.  From 9.16 if we do not know why a child is absent they will be marked as an unauthorised absence.


Children are collected from 3.20

School is open to children for 32hrs 30 mins/ week


By arrangement with the Junior office, children who have a sibling in Reception or Year 2 in MHI, may join the "shuttle" and be escorted to the Moss Hall Grove entrance.  Children arrive here by approx. 3.25pm - but sometimes later.   This is particularly useful for parents of Reception  children. 

Please Note: The area at the end of Moss Hall Junior Drive is very busy at the end of the day.  If you have a Year 1 or event Year 2 and Junior child there is plenty of time to collect the infant children and then go round via Nether Street to collect Junior children.  Junior teachers wait with their classes until 3.30 so children will not be left alone.