Our School Uniform

Our Federation Uniform

Our school uniform and logo were carefully selected in order to signal belonging to our federation of 2 schools and to signal unity.  Taking pride in how one presents for school is a life skill which we promote.  Our uniform is a mix of "logo" items and items that can be purchased at different price points in a range of different outlets. 

Children in both our schools wear uniform daily.  We have the regular uniform worn most of the time or our PE uniform worn on timetabled PE days.  Wearing the correct footwear is part of the uniform expectations on regular and on PE days.

Hair should be tied back from faces and shoulders to maintain hygiene and health and safety.  Children will be asked to tie back their hair.  We avoid "tracks", Logos or "flashes" shaved into hair.  Fashion jewellery is not permitted.  Small stud earrings only should be worn in any pierced ears.   Nail varnish, stick on tattoos or suchlike are not encouraged.  

Moss Hall uniform Year 1-6: 
  • School logo blue sweatshirt or logo blue cardigan
  • School logo white polo shirt 
  • dark grey/ black school trousers, school shorts or school skirt
  • white, grey or black plain socks or tights
  • black low heeled plain school shoes/ entirely black trainers.  No colourful trainers or any with markings, branding.
  • (optional) School fleece jacket.
Summer uniform includes: 
  • blue gingham dress. White socks.
Physical Education (PE) uniform : 

Children wear their PE uniform to school on the day of their lessons.  Wearing the correct PE uniform shows children are ready for the learning in these lessons and that they are attending to our behaviour and uniform policy.  No other branded tops or sports wear is acceptable

  • School Logo white t-shirt or school logo white polo shirt
  • School Logo school sweatshirt (or optional PE Midlayer training top for Juniors) 
  • plain black shorts, skorts, leggings or jogging trousers
  • Plain unbranded trainers

Please note - any other casual clothing/ hoodies or tracksuits ARE NOT PE uniform. Children will be asked not to wear this to school. 

Reception Infant Uniform: 

Items here are chosen so children can develop independence in dressing without adult assistance as part of their development 

  • School logo blue sweatshirt or logo blue cardigan NAMED
  • School logo white polo shirt   NAMED 
  • grey/black plain jogging trousers, leggings (all with elasticated waist)  NAMED 
  • white, grey or black plain socks or tights (tights only if the child can dress independently)  NAMED 
  • plain entirely black trainers/school shoes (must have Velcro fastening for independence, ease and speed)  NAMED 
  • a pair of wellington boots. NAMED 
Summer uniform includes: 
  • blue gingham dress, white socks  NAMED 

All school items including PE kits and coats are expected to be named prior to the 1st of September by parents.  This enables children to independently locate lost items when they are mislaid.


Our only recognised provider of uniforms for Moss Hall Federation is now Uniform 4 kids based in Temple Fortune.  Items can also be bought on line and delivered to home or to school for pick-up.  This is a quick and easy service.  The link for our provider is here:    Uniform 4 Kids

Anyone in need of any assistance should speak to any member of staff you trust to help you.   We can help with buying all or part of the uniform items your child needs. 

Iron-on logos are available from the Junior School or Infant school offices for £1.50 each and these can be added to plain clothing items as needed.  Please give either office a call for more information

All clothing items that come into school should be named - this ensures any lost property can be returned to the right owner.   The MHSA promote Stamptastic and buying one raises funds for our schools!