Communication and Who to Talk To

Sometimes we need to talk to someone specific with an issue or query.  In most cases your child's class teacher is the first person to speak to.  You can make an appointment via an email or call to either school office.  If you pick up, sometimes teachers can have a brief chat for a quick matter at the end of the day.  Whatever it is - be assured we want to know and to listen.  Open communication builds better relationships and a stronger community.    Our first principle is that we will meet person to person because this enables full communication as in eye contact, tone of voice and body language which in a school setting is important to build partnership. 

Who to talk to 




Learning and well-being/ behaviour / personal development/ relationships or friendship matters

Class teacher


Day to day queries 

Ms Depala (MHI) or Ms Scantlebury (MHJ) 

Administrators for Moss Hall Infants or Moss Hall Juniors 


Ms Scantlebury 

Who leads on admissions for both schools

Quality of Provision 

Ms Dyson

Head of MHJ and MHI Schools

If initial matters have not been resolved by a teacher

As above 

As above 

Pupil Behaviour matters 

Ms Chance 

Ms Whitaker

Ms Hajoglou

Mr Peterson

Leader - EYFS/ Reception Classes 

Phase Leader - Year 1 and 2

Phase Leader - Year 3 and 4

Phase Leader - Year 5 and 6

SEND matters

Ms Thorpe (MHI)

or Ms Dhillon (MHJ) 



Social and emotional matters & mental health support for children 

Ms Thorpe (MHI)

or Ms Dhillon(MHJ)

or Ms Nash (MHJ) 

or Ms Zaheer (MHI) 



Senior Learning Mentor @MHJ

Mental Health First Aider @ MHI

Persistent quality issues with provision in either school/ formal complaints

Ms Wynne

Executive Head 

Quality of contracts/ The Pantry/ Health and Safety/ Finance/ Site management/ lettings 

Ms Patel 

Federation Business Manager 

Welfare/ Medical needs/ Food allergies/ attendance 

Mr Grant

Federation Welfare officer 

If you feel you need to address an issue through the School Complaints Policy, the link is here: MHSF Complaints Policy